Thursday, June 28, 2012

Download Marvel Avengers Alliance Bonus, Cheat Engine 6.2, Cheats, Hacks

You'll get millions of bonus score after a fight, after that you will get 5 stars and get a bonus prize after completing each round. Please follow the steps below. Have fun with this cheats.

The Steps:

1. Download the Cheats File >> click here to download cheat file.
2. You need Google Chrome installed (only work with chrome!)
3. You will need Cheat Engine 6.2 installed >> click here to download cheat engine 6.2.
4. Open downloaded Cheat File
5. If they ask click "yes" to activated the lua script
6. Select the chrome process
7. Now login to the game.
8. Choose the cheats and press "SPACEBAR" to toggle the cheats.
9. Once the Score Boost is selected, you will get millions of points for every fight. This gives you 5 stars at the end of the chapter.
10. Untargeted "skips" the enemy turn by making you untargeted

That's it, Have Fun!
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